As soon as we arrived at the counter we were asked for our registration number which we received on e-mail and we show them from our mobile phones. But don't worry even if you didn't register online you can still register at the counter by filling a form given at the spot.

We were eager to learn more about Organic food, how it is grown and where can we buy it in the UAE. There were exhibitors from many countries from around the world like India, Turkey, Portugal, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and even from my country Macedonia there was one company named Bioplant which is producing Organic juices from apples (from Resen), gojiberry with apples and gojiberry with raspberry , which we tasted and were delicious, they give you to try them.

Emirates Bio Farm and Arabian Organics were staged with variety of local products, like fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the local desert areas in the sandy soil.

The amazing things is that Emirates Bio farm is open for visitor every Friday and Saturday and you can pick up your own fruit and vegetables directly from the sand and eat it fresh at the same place. Also, it can be bought at a affordable price on the spot. The location is on the road from Dubai towards Al Ain.

I didn’t know there were different types of sweet potatoes and their names are same as the regions where they grow in Portugal like ; Aljezur, Laranja, Violeta, Lyra. And they dry them on the sun and eat like chips, with no additives. The important thing is that their engineer test the soil and the products 6 times per year for Organic certification. Soon they will get the Swiss certification also. The company name is OLD.

In the spoons we saw a different types of soils form Armenian company and they explained to us how the compost is made. Like some compost is made from worms which eat the leaves and make the compost fertile and they add some kind of organic silica and sometimes sand to hold the moisture.

In the Indian counter there were so exiting essential oils like Neem, Ylang, Ylang, Rose, Saandalwood, Lavander, Lemon and sooo many others. The African counters were rich with tropical fruits and some of them were sun dries, fire dried or dehydrator dried. But their taste was amazing. We tried the dried pineapple and the dried mango. They produce oranges, mangoes, bananas, dates, honey avocados (if you want to grow your own avocado check it HERE), etc.

The Romanian counter was very interesting with many types of cheese with herbs, kashkaval, throat paste from the fish and the one that I liked the most was the bee pollen from different types of flowers. My favourite one was the pollen from mixed flowers so when you smell it you can smell all the flowers in it. They give you to try a spoon with pollen and a honey at the top. That was amazing, delicious and melting softly in your mouth. I'm sorry that I didn't take a photo of that ambient.

Many companies were looking for a distributors in UAE, and any help would be appreciated. It would be nice if we can find their products in the markets around the country. They explained to us for which plants which type of soil/compost is suitable. They give us to test some of them on our skin and we could also buy from them at very affordable price.


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